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Oliver O'Neill

Daisy Darling by Oliver O’Neill

Daisy darling, don’t you cry
Take the couch and I’ll get you high
You’ve got lots of life ahead
So Daisy darling, you should go to bed

Daisy darling, you’re just like me
You spend the day in, can’t you see?
All I want is to be your friend
So Daisy darling, when can we begin?

You’re just like me

“Daisy Darling” is about the idea of coming to know someone so quickly that no one can explain exactly how it happened. Having had this experience, I know what it feels like to empathize immediately with someone else’s challenges and the song tries to capture that connection. I think of it as a power folk song, influenced by (Sandy) Alex G, Big Thief, and Pinegrove.

Oliver O’Neill, lead and background vocals, guitar; Kevin Hyland, guitar; Luke Pacilio, bass; Jack Pacilio, drums