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Matt Allen

I Won’t by Matt Allen

Pay no mind, walkin’ blind
Photographs stuck on your wall
Place and time, can’t rewind
Don’t feel nothin’ at all

When the sun goes down, I skip town
I won’t wander very far
Face the sound, look around
Won’t be knockin’ on your door

I won’t
I won’t
I won’t
I won’t forget

Baby please, can’t you see
I’m in pieces on the floor
You’re tellin’ me, our fantasies
But I don’t see them anymore

I asked you twice, forget the prize
You went cold just at the thought
Truth be told, we’re getting old
And my time is all we got

I won’t
I won’t
I won’t
I won’t forget

“I Won’t” speaks about the ambiguity of breaking up with a good friend. If the verses lay out the problem of staying, the chorus sums up the problem of leaving with the repeated phrase: “I won’t…. forget.” The simple form, with its pared-down chorus and twin guitar solos, frames the emotional struggle.

Matt Allen, lead vocals; Katherine Bergeron, background vocals; Jack Pacilio, background vocals and guitar; Butch Rovan, guitar; Luke Pacilio, bass; Will Logan, drums