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Luke Pacilio

2 Joshua by Luke Pacilio

Stop. Take another drink
It’s better not to think
Just shut it out and
Put it off an hour more
And sure–in my own defense
I’ve never made much sense
So don’t you try to say
That I’m just on the fence

So you go and see the show
They wanted you to know
How much it meant to them
That you had stayed until the end
And. Oh. I’ve been here before
With one foot out the door
I’m saving my goodbyes
Just close your eyes
I won’t be here no more

Not giving in
Sick of the weather
You’re old enough
To get it together
Don’t give an inch
I’ll send you a letter
No matter the miles
Forget it, whatever

Staying in cause the sun is out
Figure out how to live without
The people you once had around
Who kept you so quiet til’
Finally the sun had gone down

What’s the cause for the sudden doubt?
The words never make it past your mouth
And all never realized in sound
When the truth could stretch far enough
To cover all of the town

I’m not giving in
We’re sticking together
It’s hard enough
To change for the better
Don’t give an inch
I’ll send you a letter
To let you know when
I get it together

I started working on this song in the middle of the fall semester. The instrumental parts came first, then I spent some time trying to put lyrics together with my friend Josh, who offered no help. I ended up writing my own words and dedicated the song to him. A defiant chorus counters the moody verse whose funk rhythm adds to the sense of melancholy and depth.

Luke Pacilio, vocals and bass; Jack Pacilio, guitar; Butch Rovan, organ and tenor sax; Will Logan, drums