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Kevin Hyland

The Tower by Kevin Hyland

Twenty years of dirt on my sneakers
Twenty years has taken its toll
We’re throwing ourselves into a current
With no care for where it pulls

Remember when things didn’t matter?
Remember when you drove me home?
I’m bringing our friends out to the tower
Right to the spot we call our own

And when you fall asleep
When lights start to spin
Will you think of me
As the past begins?

And when you open your eyes
Will you embrace disguise?
And will you think of me
On Saturday nights?

“The Tower” is about nostalgia and the passing of things. The speaker has grown weary of change, longing to return to simpler times and places where friends were together and things didn’t matter. The lost object of love is asked to “remember me, as the past begins” in back-to-back choruses that powerfully close the song.

Kevin Hyland, vocals and guitar; David Batten, guitar; Luke Pacilio, bass; Will Logan, drums