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John Blackwell

Thinking About It by John Blackwell

Maybe I’m tired
Darling, I’m lonely
Thinking about what it meant to me
It takes all my energy
Thinking about you

Baby, I’m trusting
You know its the right thing
I want you to realize this now for me
Despite the asymmetry
We can start new

But, when its over
I won’t be crying
Knowing about what it meant to you
You’ll probably be upset too
I know its true

So, baby, its the end
Goodbye, my best…

I wrote my song, “Thinking about It,” while helping a friend through a hard time. The lyrics try to express what I thought he was going through, but the song also recalls how I had handled a similar experience. In this way, it represents two perspectives on the same situation and tries to give voice to both.

Jenna Berloni, vocals; Kevin Hyland, guitar; Butch Rovan, piano