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George Grotheer

CTRLALTDEL by George Grotheer

Take a step back,
Look at the pieces of
A broken life
That’s gone too fast

Slam on the brake
Pick up what’s left from
What I used to have…

The dreams of the past
Keep me awake
My mind is running out of line
And I’m trying not to fall behind

It’s time for me to reset
Hit control, alt, delete
Why’s it so hard to get that
My life’s stuck on repeat
I’ve got to power down
Hit restart from all this strife
But this thing’s not a computer
I’m facing down real life

Burned all my bridges
So I have to start fresh
And when you say ‘it’s not your fault’
I’m sure that you’re mistaken

Made one too many sacrifice
Been through hell and back again
But when the sidewalk meets its end
That’s when my heart starts aching

The dreams of the past
Keep me awake
My mind is running out of line
And I am running out of time




One more song about the end of a relationship. I wrote the first verse and refrain for an assignment on writing lyrics and then completed and arranged the song for this final project. A sombre piano refrain anticipates the verses, which reach from the bottom to the highest part of the singer’s vocal range to express the breadth of the subject’s anguish. The circumspect verses give way to an upbeat refrain that rewrites the emotion, with a searing guitar solo and double chorus to complete the pop-rock epic.

George Grotheer, vocals; Katherine Bergeron, background vocals; Ben Greene, guitar; Andrew Becker, piano; Dexter Willett, bass, Naveen Gooneratne, drums