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Andrew Becker

It’s All Been Put Away by Andrew Becker

On that very fateful day
I didn’t have a word to say
But what a mistake it was to sit at home
I missed my chance and now I’m all alone

I shouldn’t cry, and I shouldn’t stress
‘Cause being alone brings me happiness
But every night I regret what I did
I really am just a stupid kid

I wanna throw away my strife
I need some goddamn change in my life
But you went with him how could I ever forget
That what I sing won’t change me yet

My confidence low and my anger hot
I scream it so loud, but you hear me not
Yeah, it’s my fault, and I’m sure you’d agree
I wanna be different, but it’s not for me

People tell me not to fight
“Just go out there and make things right”
It’s easy to say that, but harder to do
Maybe someday I’ll be with you

Who am I kidding, it never could be
I really should face reality
But what do I do when it tears me apart
I think of you and you wring my heart
Maybe I should let it go
What else is there for me to know
I wanna say that I gave it my best
But I just need to get it off my chest

I hope that one day I can be
Someone you would want to see
But I think right now I won’t interject
Maybe soon I’ll have more self-respect

There is nothing more to say
It’s all been put away
Do your thing and I’ll stay right here
All that’s inside is just plain fear

“It’s All Been Put Away” is another song about loneliness and longing — and the anger and sadness that come with a breakup. The intimate and almost light-hearted sound of the ukulele counterpoints the darkness of both the lyrics and the vocal timbre to create an unusual emotional release. Weezer’s Pinkerton and Rivers Cuomo were sources of inspiration.

Andrew Becker, lead and background vocals, ukulele, whistling; Butch Rovan, bass clarinet