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Amanda Johnson – Memories Fade

Amanda Johnson

Memories Fade by Amanda Johnson

Growing up in the valley of dreams
You were always around 
There to mend my broken seams
Your mind was strong and sound 
Then I grew and then I knew
Things were starting to change 
Then I grew and then I knew
Her mind was going away

Where do the memories go?
Time goes by and people fly
Place and day the memories fade
The woman inside that brain…
has changed

Small mistakes, forgetting me
You became so lost 
Wishing I could calm the sea
In your mind, but at what cost?
After all that we’ve through
There’s not much else to say 
After all that we’ve been through
The memories fade away


Quietly you slip away
You’re someplace new every day
Now all you can do is sing
Now all we can do is sing…


“Memories Fade” is a song about my grandmother, Yolanda Conza, who has Alzheimer’s. For ten years, I watched her mind erode until she could no longer remember either me or the home we shared. This song is both a tribute to her former strength and beauty and an acknowledgement of the pain that comes with advancing disease. Alzheimer’s affects the patient as much as the caregiver, and this song is meant to elicit the sadness that we so often hide. If you feel moved, please consider donating to the Alzheimer’s Association at to help in the fight. 

Jenna Berloni vocals; Katherine Bergeron, piano; Matt Allen, cello

Download mp3 file here8 MB